Get dates without opening any apps

CupidBot AI swipes and chats for you on your dating apps to bring you several dates a week so you can skip to the good part.

We filter out the attention seekers and only notify you when you get a date.

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  • Never swipe again

    Our AI learns to swipe on girls that are just your type and constantly works to get high quality matches.

  • Never small talk again

    We chat with your matches to get you the exact date you're looking for whether it's bite of ice cream or a walk at your local park.

  • Start actually dating

    The second we get a date scheduled, we'll text you the details so all you have to do is show up.

Fill up your calendar with dates

Get several dates a week by doing absolutely nothing. We take into consideration your availability and date activity preferences.

New features every month


Get several dates a week

What if your wingman had gotten 200,000 dates and phone numbers? We have the data on how to talk to girls for optimal results.

Get exactly what you're looking for

Whether you're looking to schedule a boba date on Friday nights, simply get a number or snapchat, we'll do it all for you and notify you when we've got it secured.

Only match with your type of girls

Our powerful AI is trained on your past swiping behavior so that we only match with girls that are just your type.

Choose your tone

Our AI chats however you want us to. Whether you want to use a direct, humorous, nonchalant, or agressive tone, we can do it.

Automatic followups

Girl doesn't respond within a few days? No problem, we follow up at the perfect time with the perfect line. 60% of our followups result in an answer back.

Calendar integration

We know you're busy so we integrate with your Google or Apple calendar to schedule dates only when you're free. Dates we schedule will also be added to your calendar.

Don't match with people you know

We integerate with your Instagram or Facebook to ensure we never match with people you know.

Safe to use

We guarantee you that your account will not be banned for using the bot as the AI mimics human behavior to a tee.

All major languages supported

Since we're built on top of open AI's state of the art models, CupidBot can get you dates in any language.